Sunday, February 10, 2013

Apparently You Can Go Local At The Town Center

A friend of mine celebrated a birthday over the weekend.  The destination:  St Johns Town Center.  Even within this sea of big box stores and chain restaurants, local options do exist.  Witness Ovinte (

Former GM of San Marco Square's ( The Grotto, Chad Munsey recently opened Ovinte in the former International House of Pancakes location.  The restaurant features a tapas menu and extensive wine list.  

Not much the wine fan, I was able to procure a few draft selections from local brewer Intuition Ale Works ( along with a very good Pappardelle Bolognese featuring hand made papardelle pasta along with fresh herbs they grow in the outside seating area.  

Even when you are invited to a location that is primarily stocked with non-local retailers and restaurants, it's nice to know that you still have local small business owners you can choose to support. 

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